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What Our Customers Are Saying

"This last summer we did a lot of landscape work and seeding in new grass. We appreciate Jason taking care of our lawn. He is very knowledgeable and conscientious about his work. We know our lawn is in good hands when Jason comes." Rebecca - Cape Neddick, ME
Organic Program
"The hybrid program worked very well for us this past year. We were quite please with the appearance and health of our yard. We will definitely consider the same program for next year." Stan - Dover, NH
Hybrid Program
"Organic First has been helping my family to build and maintain a beautiful organic lawn for the last 7 years. Their service is outstanding with staff that is both knowledgeable and helpful. We couldn't be happier and will continue our business with them and highly recommend them." Andrea - Epping, NH
Organic Program
"I am very happy with the hybrid program. This is the first year I felt positive about my lawn! I hope it strengthens and improves further, but at this point, the issues seem to be addressed, and that is good! Keep it up!" Mark - South Berwick, ME
Hybrid Program
"Organic First has provided lawn care for us for many years. They have always been responsive and reliable, and they are truly professional and service-oriented. They know what they are doing and really care." Norma & Marvin - Portsmouth
Organic Program
"I am VERY happy with the hybrid program and wish to utilize that program for 2014." Jim - York, ME
Hybrid Program

Our Organic / Natural Services

Organic lawn care is a chemical-free approach to maintaining a healthy and natural lawn that looks great and is safer for the environment, your community and family. Organic lawn care conserves resources, controls pests and saves money.


Organic Lawn Care

Organic First Lawn Care offers environmentally friendly lawn care solutions for consumers who are looking to keep their properties looking green without the use of harsh chemicals or other dangerous products. Individuals are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of avoiding the use of damaging substances, pesticides and chemicals in their daily lives. Whether it’s in food, in makeup, or in lawn care products— these chemicals are harmful to a person’s body, dangerous to animals and children and can harm the planet. The team at Organic First lets you keep your yard looking fresh without having to expose yourself to these items.

About Organic First Lawn Care

The business provides a safe alternative to commercial lawn care, offering the following natural services:

  • Liquid and granular organic fertilizers
  • Weed and crabgrass management
  • Grub management
  • Compost tea for soil enhancement
  • Mosquito and tick management
  • Soil testing
  • Aeration
  • Over-seeding
  • Seed-o-vating

Customers enjoy a healthy looking lawn, without having to endure the use of harsh chemicals. A team of highly trained turf technicians applies the treatments. These individuals use their knowledge of the industry to create a program that is personalized to make your lawn look its best.

Weed Management

Both pre-emergent and post-emergent products are used to prevent or eliminate weed problems. An evaluation will be made on whether the bio-pesticide can be used or a traditional chemical pesticide is needed to control particular weeds on your property. We always choose the least toxic options when using traditional chemical products and in most cases will only spot spray where needed rather than blanket spray your entire property (unless it’s necessary).

We use a Bio-pesticide called Fiesta for weed management in our regular program and take care of most common weeds found in our New England lawns, however, there are some weeds that it does not do as well on. If we find any weeds that are not well managed with the bio-pesticide we can offer an alternative pesticide application to control them with your permission. Typically a single application will do the trick and we can return to the organic/natural product in future applications.

Crabgrass Management

Corn gluten products are used as crabgrass reducers in many organic programs. Corn gluten has shown to be about 75% effective in reducing crabgrass outbreaks so we can never claim that your property will have no crabgrass but will reduce the severity of outbreaks. Crabgrass is an opportunistic weed and usually pops up where turf is stressed or thin so control varies with conditions, if you’re looking for better control of crabgrass you may opt for a traditional chemical application which has a higher rate of control.

Grub Management

Grubs are responsible for millions of dollars in turf damage in the U.S. every year. Acelepryn is a low toxicity and low environmental impact insecticide used for grubs and other lawn insects. It is applied at extremely low rates, does not require protective equipment to the person applying it and sprayed areas can be entered right after application. Acelepryn is non-toxic to birds, bees and fish at label rates.

Imidicloprid is one of the most widely used insecticides for grubs. This product is the active ingredient found in most of the store bought grub management products and is proven to have excellent results. This may be a better option than the Acelepryn product mentioned above for those properties that have had serious grub outbreaks in the past.

Note: If you do not want the Acelepryn product applied to your property, please let us know and we can offer an organic/natural option of essential oils that can be applied for grub management. This application is usually done during Round 2 or 3 depending on application timing for your area. This method has varied success from property to property and year to year depending on grub population and soil biology.

Lime Applications

Lime helps balance soil chemistry so that your lawn can get the most out the nutrients that are applied. The need for lime will be determined from soil test results.

Tick & Mosquito Management

Insect Control with No Compromises, Naturally.

Ticks and Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance to our outdoor lifestyles, they can transmit dangerous even life threatening diseases like; triple E, west nile virus and lyme disease. Our Tick and Mosquito program can help manage pest populations.

The Tick & Mosquito programs utilize natural essential oils to help protect you, your family and pets from those potentially dangerous insects. Our product has a pleasant cedar aroma and treated areas can be reentered just 15 min after application. Application is effective for 30-60 days depending on conditions and pest populations. We offer monthly and bi-monthly programs depending on your properties needs (higher pest populations may require more frequent visits based on customers’ needs). Programs usually start in April and continue thru October depending on seasonal conditions.

Residential Organic/Natural Program

Spring - Provides all the necessary nutrients your lawn needs for spring "green up" as well as a pre-emergent crabgrass reducer and spot broadleaf weed management application.

Mid-Spring - Monitoring and spot treatment of broadleaf weeds together with balanced fertilization for turf health and vigor.

Summer - Summer feeding provides nutrients needed to help your lawn thru the stresses of summer. Grub management products may also be applied at this time if applicable. Spot spraying of weeds as needed.

Late Summer - Replenishes nutrients to revitalize your lawn from summer’s harsh elements.

Fall - Fall fertilizers aid in root and shoot development and provides reserves for the overwintering needs of the turf. Any remaining or late blooming weeds will also be addressed during this application.

Purely Plus Hybrid Program

All of us here at Organic First understand the importance of protecting our natural resources as well as insuring the safety of our families and pets. But we also understand that with all the time and money spent in keeping our homes and lawns safer and beautiful we still expect great results. Huge gains have been made over the past several years in developing organic, natural and bio products in every area of our lives including lawn care. However there are times when no organic, natural or bio product alternative is yet available for a certain problem, condition or where there may be a product offered that’s results might not meet everyone’s expectations.

The Purely Plus Hybrid program is a combination of our organic, natural and bio applications coupled with more traditional lawn care applications for those limited or no organic control situations. Consisting of minimal pesticide applications when needed and made by trained and state licensed applicators. Signing up for the hybrid program is like giving us permission to use a traditional pesticide only when it’s needed. After all, we don’t want to stray too far from our goal of being an organic/natural company. The Purely Plus Hybrid program a more environmentally friendly approach to lawn care then a full traditional program. We do not spray your entire lawn, just the weeds.

Just let us know which program is right for you or if you need help deciding which one might better meet your needs or expectations we will be happy to provide you with assistance based on past problems or present conditions. The pricing for the Purely Plus Hybrid Program will be the same as the Organic/Natural Program.


Soil Testing

Soil testing allows us to evaluate any special needs your soil may have. We look at PH, organic matter and calcium/magnesium ratios to determine soil chemistry, nutrient availability and overall soil health. Recommendations can then be made to correct any deficiencies.

Organic First knows that no program can control every situation. Weather and other events can interfere with your lawns appearance and health. If this happens we will be there to provide you with answers as to why things may have went wrong and to see what can be done to correct and hopefully eliminate them from happening again. When there is no organic alternative to a given pest or problem a chemical alternative can be discussed and applied only with your approval.

Grass Seeding

If you have a previously established lawn and have been contemplating new sod or roto-tilling to bring it back to life, consider overseeding instead. For a fraction of the cost of sod, you can have a lawn with significantly more advantages than sod.

Over seeding is the process of planting grass seed directly into existing turf, without tearing up the turf or the soil. An investment in over seeding pays off with a thicker, more beautiful lawn. Most sod growers advise to overseed every two years to keep fescue lawns thick and healthy, and to avoid the expense and disruption of re-sodding a yard.


All-in-one aerating and seeding can help to improve density and fill in thin or bare areas; improving water, air and nutrient movement thru-out your lawn while reducing soil compaction and thatch build which are 2 major causes of many lawn problems.

Commercial & Athletic Turf Care

The first, most visible sign of a well-managed commercial property is well-maintained turf. Professional maintenance of commercial property landscapes protects property values, attracts and retains qualty spectators & customers.

This is especially true for outdoor use commercial properties, such as:

  • Golf courses
  • Municipal parks and greenbelts
  • Athletic fields/complexes
  • Retail centers
  • Private clubs
  • Schools and Colleges

Organic First has created strong, beautiful, healthy New England commercial turf since 1999 Our customized turf treatment packages include seasonal fertilization, insect control and environmentally-friendly product applications.

With free courtesy visits from your turf care consultant and one of the industry’s highest customer renewal rates, Organic First is the preferred turf care and turf service company for management and enterprise companies.

With a commitment to enhancing property values, reducing risk and budget planning, we'll elevate the experience of everyone who manages or uses the landscape.

Our Services:

  • Bulk Fertilizer Applications (Dry and Liquid)
  • Insect Control Applications
  • Weed Control Applications
  • Disease Control Applications
  • Aerating Services (Deep Time and Standard)
  • Bulk Seeding Services
  • Topdressing
  • Soil Testing

Winter Snow Removal

As a leader in snow management, our team of experienced snow contractors are on call 24/7 during any snowstorm and are quick to act on the winter weather. From snow shoveling sidewalks to clearing out entire parking lots, our services can benefit any business affected by a winter storm.

Parking Lot Clearing

Because most property owners and managers look at snow plowing as an occasional nuisance and not a daily maintenance issue, little time, if any, is allocated to finding the best way to manage ice and snow removal. That’s what we do! Leading a massive fleet of trucks, loaders, and sidewalk crews, our snow management network services everything from corner lots to malls with hundreds of acres of paved surface to plow. Our snow team goes to work tracking incoming storm events 48 hours out, alerting and preparing our team of snow fighters in advance so your property and parking lots will be clear and safe for your tenants and those that visit your site.

Sidewalk Cleaning

Keeping walkways and steps clear from ice and snow insures safe passage for both employees and visitors. We work 24/7 during snow storms to keep your sidewalks clear and safe, scheduling return visits when storm systems stagnate and continually dump snow and freezing rain.

We offer a full range of deicing materials and services applicable to your properties’ needs to keep those walkways and steps safe and accessible for the duration of the storm and beyond.

Ice Control

We stockpile tons of bulk salt all winter long, continually replenished daily if usage warrants. Our large salt trucks make sure the only thing your sites are covered with is great service, not ice, and our network of service providers keep accurate records of application times, protecting you from spurious slip and fall claims.

Snow Stacking

After a major storm event or two, the snow can really pile up, causing driving hazards for visitors and costing your tenants lost revenues as parking spaces dwindle. Sometimes this means moving snow piles, or “stacking” to widen out traffic lanes or clear prime parking space areas.

Snow Hauling

When stacking services are not enough, the snow simply has to be removed from the site. Now it’s time for a snow haul. Our service provider fleet of loaders and dump trucks is unmatched in our service area and will make quick work of removing that snow from your properties.

Artificial / Synthetic Turf Care


Mechanical sweeper and vac, cleans debris from the surface of the playing field. While cleaning and filtering hair, lint, and dander from the surface and subsurface.

Grooming & Aerating

“Greens groomer” turf brush and tine attachment used to level off lower areas while decreasing compaction by loosening up the infill materials. This process improves the aesthetics along with the playability of your field.

Disinfect (states where applicable)

We use turf spraying equipment to apply a disinfectant that helps prevent the the transfer of bacteria and viruses from the playing surface to the person.


Only high quality materials and adhesives are used to get your field back into playing condition. We can fix tears and rips of all sizes and severities along with adding infill material where needed.


Turf you never have to mow, water, or fertilize? Who wouldn't want that? If you have a smaller protect you would like to have done just give us a call.


We use special equipment to add infill material to your field which increases the life of the field while increasing playability.

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